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Play the video to see UnitedSignals in action.

We connect you with our UnitedSignals Pattern Recognition Algorithm
delivering consistent signals for over 10 years

How it works:

Transfer funds
to your UnitedTrade account

Your funds are automatically
traded according to UnitedSignals

Funds are locked for 30 days
and profits are paid monthly
in UNITs

How do I deposit my

The UnitedTrade Account is
included in your account
dashboard. Depositing money is
as simple as making a account

How and when can I
withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money
after a 30 day holding period.
This holding period is required
to ensure the trading algorithm
can properly identify investment
volume for trading

How do you
trade for me?

When you register, you will
activate your trade API which
will connect you with
UnitedSignals and begin

How do I see the

The UnitedTrade transactions
can be seen in your UnitedTrade
account. Here you can also find
the return on investment (ROI).

If the market is crashing
how does it affect me?

UnitedSignals use conservative
money management with tight
stop losses. This means if there
is a drop in the market, we exit
our positions.

Yes! We coin!


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