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Receive rewards for doing what you already do.

5 easy steps to Monthly Member Rewards

UNITs are the cryptocurrency used for member rewards

 1. Become a member

        Join with your name and email. Receive
        $10 in UNITs when you join.

 2. Verify your

        Enter your phone number and
        address, then take a picture of your

 3. Be an active member

        Perform 2 transactions a month
        (deposit, withdraw, buy, sell, send,
        receive, or trade) and have a minimum
        of .001 UNITs in your account.
        $10 in UNITs when you join.

 4. Support the network

        Lend a portion of your mobile device's
        power to the UnitedCoin Pool.

  5. Now receive your
    monthly member rewards!

  • Monthly Member Allowance (MMA): 20% of UnitedCoin profits distributed to
    member in UNITs
  • Monthly Member Benefit (MMB): 2% increase in UNITs in your savings account
  • Referrals: $10 in UNITs per person you refer
  • UnitedCoin Pool mining (UCP): 80% of mining revenues distributed to members in
  • Become a member

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