Banks make billions using your money. Should U get a portion? We think so.

Our Features

What makes us better ?

New Blockchain

UnitedChain is a newly developed protocol named Proof-of-Membership (POM) protocol, a hybrid of POR/POS protocols with Checkpoint Consensus.
This allows its members to transaction in a peer-to-peer system without the heavy cost of having an intermediary. This blockchain tackles the main obstacles regular blockchain face that is, scalability, speed and energy consumption.

and compliant

Each member’s identity is known and verified by the UnitedCoin Network, however member identities and private data are not shared with other members. This allows the network to comply with all AML/KYC/BSA/CFT regulations while still maintaining member privacy.

Coins & Fiat

UnitedCoin exchange provides multiple currencies ready to be traded for members. In order to fully bridge the gap with traditional finance, UnitedCoin allows you to trade multiple cryptocurrency with any fiat currency.


The exchange platform is distributed and transaction are made instantly allowing members to send and receive funds across the globe via email or text message.
Members can conduct Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions and exchange cryptocurrencies from multiple blockchains at a high rate with absolute security and trust.


UnitedCoin offers to its members fully insured accounts. All assets, fiat and crypto, held on your UnitedCoin accounts are fully insured to protect your capital.

Unique Reward

UnitedCoin offers a unique referral program that rewards both the referrers and the referees in Units.  You can use these Units on the web platform and the mobile app to trade or withdraw their funds in fiat.
In addition UnitedCoin active members receive 20% of operating revenue distributed monthly and a 2% increase in their savings monthly.

5 easy steps to Monthly Member Rewards

  • 01. Become a member:

    Join with your name and email. Receive $10 in UNITs when you join.
  • 02. Verify your identity

    Take a selfie with your ID, phone number and address so we can
    send you a T shirt!

  • 03. Be an active member

    Perform 2 transactions in a month
    (deposit, withdraw, buy, sell, send, receive, or trade)
    and have a minimum of .001 UNITs in your account.

  • 04. Support the network

    Lend a portion of your mobile device to the UnitedCoin Pool.

  • 05. Now receive your monthly member rewards

    ⁃ MMA: 20% of network revenues distributed to members in UNITs
    ⁃ MMB: 2% increase in UNITs in your account
    ⁃ Referrals: $10 in UNITs per person you refer
    ⁃ UCP Mining: 70% of mining revenues distributed to members in UNITs


  • 2014-2017

    Make cryptocurrency accessible for everyone
    Make it mom friendly

    Market Research


  • 2018

    IMO Token Sale
    Mobile Wallet Alpha
    UnitedChain Development

    Plug and Play selection

    Investment Platform and
    Wallet Beta
    UnitedCoin Capital

    Investment Platform and Mobile Wallet Official Launch
    Crypto Union Launch to Members
    Blockchain Education Center Miami

    Crypto Union Launch to
    Entire Community

  • 2019

    UnitedChain and Wallet Beta Release
    Blockchain Education center Switzerland

    UnitedChain and Wallet
    Public Release
    Education Center Estonia
    and Mexico

Token Sale


Target – to Raise USD 2,000,000

Tokens available for the token sale:

1,800,000,000 UNITs

Special Bonus


Target – to Raise USD 250 000 000

Bonus for ICO :

Time bonus
Aug 18th 50% bonus
Sept 18th 40% bonus
0ct 18th 30% bonus
Nov 18th 20% bonus
Dec 18th 10% bonus
Jan 18th NO bonus

Distribution of Tokens

The issued tokens will be distributed as follows:


10% – Development

10% – Sale

10% – Founders & Advisers

70% – Member reserve

Core team

Derek Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Derek is an experienced Cryptocurrency
investor, trader, miner and entrepreneur since 2013.

Hassan Lahlou

Chief Investment Officer

Hassan worked at the derivatives trading desk
for the number one bank in Morocco and his trading strategies are still used there.

Ghita El Kasri

Chief Operating Officer

Ghita is a former
consultant in investment banking at IBM and worked for several projects involving Blockchain POC.

Ghali El Kasri

Chief Technology Officer

Ghali is an engineer and blockchain architect
and leads a team of 11 developers engineers and coders.

Sergio Yañez

Head of development

Software Engineer
specialized in mobile development with experience in technologies like React Native, Android and Java Back End

Joaquin Soto

Marketing Manager

Joaquín, a consultant
at heart, has over
10 years of marketing experience working with well-known international brands.

Joel Rangel

Chief of Multimedia

Joel has led multimedia
projects for big brands
such as Ferrero Rocher, Amazon and Lysol.

Philip Stoten

Marketing Director

Philip Stoten is one
the most published
writers in the technology sector and considered expert in various technologies including smart factory and supply chain.

Jorge Gómez

Head of Design

rockstar that thrives for
excellence and
memorable experiences through meaningful design.

Kevin Tan

blockchain developer

software engineer
specilized in blockchain
having experience in POS protocols and mining algorithms.

Alejandra Vázquez

Project Manager

Scrum Product Owner
based in Guadalajara,
México. Experienced in marketing, business trades, and largely, customer service. Always seeking to ensure the best business-client relationship.

Onthia Consulting

fintech lawyers

team of 4 financials
layers that are
specialised in fintech law

Our Advisors

Bintou Coker

Compliance Lead at SC bank

Ken Castleberry

Region Customer Experience Sr Manager

Eustacia Jones

InfoSec Specialist at US dept. defense

Masood Ghomeshi

COO at US Century Bank

Keith Jones

InfoSec Specialist at US dept. defense

Jean Castleberry

Former VP at Sun Trust Bank

Mehdi Ghomeshi

Former CEO at GFB

Javier Garcia

Director – Plug & Play tech centre

Daryl Jones

Former Florida state senator

Rashid Hall

The exclusive advertising company for UEFA.


financial planning analyst at credit suisse